Monday, 15 August 2011


Welcome to my new blog.

Why the change?

Well, my old blog site was getting very tired. Comments were disabled due to the inability to fight spam effectively and I missed getting feedback.

After looking at some other blog companies, I decided Blogger was the best for what I wanted. Some editing of the CSS and the odd tweak here and there - and a new blog is born.

Now all it needs is some content, and I think you will like some of the stuff that is coming up...

There are some major changes coming to my site and some new add-ins will be available for download soon.

And I'll be looking more at the analysis side of things - data presentation, charts, design and best practice, something I've not blogged about much before - it's time to become a little more serious.

Stay tuned!



  1. Look forward to hearing more from you. I've subscribed to your new RSS and look forward to some posts. Out of the "Dormant" folder, back into "Excel Stuff". :-)

  2. Hi Chip

    Thanks! I'll try my best not to disappoint :-)

  3. Congrats on setting up the new blog! Looking forward to your new material.

  4. Hi Debra

    Thanks! Got a few ideas up my sleeve for some new stuff :-)

  5. Great stuff, Andrew! Curious though... what are you doing with the content of your old blog? Can you port it into Blogger? It seems like a shame to lose it.

  6. Hi Ken

    I don't think I can easily port it into Blogger. So I'll leave it where it is for the time being. Should be safe there for now :-)