Excel Tips

About Array Formulas Colour Even Rows Alt Keys Custom Functions
Colour Odd Rows Ctrl Keys GetFormula
Dates, Time and Age Colour Set Rows Function Keys GetColor
Add Months (EDATE) Colour Rows with Filter Shift Key GetFormat
Age Calculation Dates & Time AutoShapes SheetName
Age Check Fractions Sheets BookName
Count Weekdays Numbers & Currency Multiple Entry FullName
Count Hours Show Incorrect Entry HasFormula
Get Weekday Date Variable Format HasText
Calculate Shipping Date Zeros in front of Numbers GetComment
First of Month Hide Zeros GetFont
Last of Month (EOMONTH) Hide Entries IsColor
Instant Calendar Hide Errors CountColor
List Month Days Hide Formulas RowSize
Week Number (Absolute) Align Decimals ColumnSize
Week Number (ISO) Fill Cell GetNumbers
Week Number (WEEKNUM) Singular & Plural GetText
ISO New Year Find Protected Cells JoinText
ISO Week Count Find Formulas
Current Date Protect Formulas Comments
Get Day Find Duplicates Autofit Comments (Sheet)
Get Month Find Unique Values Autofit Comments (Selection)
Get Year Cell Text To Comment
Get Quarter Comment Height
Detect Leap Years Show Comments
Count Leap Years Hide Comments
Avoid Weekends Reposition Comments (Sheet)
Floating Dates Reposition Comments (Selection)
Get Weekday Occurence Add Rounded Comment
Decimal Time Add Comment With Text
Font Size
Text and Numbers
Count and Add with Criteria Worksheets
Count Characters in Single Cell Show All Sheets
Count Characters in Range Hide Active Sheet
Count Words in Single Cell Hide Selected Sheets
Count Words in Range Auto_Open (Unlocked Cells)
Count Numbers in Range Auto_Open (Select Cell A1)
Count Text in Range Protect Worksheets
Find Text in Range Protect Worksheets
Remove Numbers from Left Unprotect All Sheets
Remove Numbers from Right Change Sheet Name
Remove Text from Left Select All Objects
Remove Text from Right Delete All Objects
Remove Currency Group All Objects
Remove All Decimals Select Used Range
Remove Certain Decimals
Round to Nearest 5 Cents Toggles
Find the Decimal Display Formulas
Ordinal Numbers Show Zeroes
Find Maximum using Criteria Toggle Gridlines
Find Minimum using Criteria Toggle Display Headings
Find 3rd Largest using Criteria Toggle Scroll Bars
Sum Every 3rd Row Toggle Workbook Tabs
Sum 3 Largest Numbers Toggle Status Bar
Find 3 Largest Numbers Toggle Formula Bar
Convert to Feet & Inches
Basic Trigonometry Conditional Select
Random Numbers Select by Color
Ignore Errors (or Text) Select by Value
Count Errors Select between Values
Ignore Zeros Select Cells With Formulas
Ignore Duplicates
Number Duplicates (Single) Message Boxes
Number Duplicates (Multiple) Message Box Examples
Count Unique Values
Count Duplicates Events
Count If Similar BeforeSave Example
TRUE if Similar
Match If Similar
Get Nth Word
Get Last Word
Get First Name
Get Middle Name
Get Last Name
Compare Lists 1
Compare Lists 2
Find Cell Reference
Find Column Letter
Find First Cell Address
Find First Cell Value
Find Last Cell Address
Find Last Cell Value
Find Maximum Address
Find 3 Largest Values Addresses
Multiple Criteria Lookup
Show Every 3rd Row
Nested Ifs Workaround
Show Extra Rows
Instant Row Numbers
Reference Dates
Remove Blanks
Reverse List
Randomize List