Friday, 21 November 2014

The Cell Masters

In 2004 I met someone who would change my life and give me inspiration to start blogging.

That person was my friend and mentor, Masaru Kaji, more commonly known in Excel circles as Colo, of Colo's Junk Room fame.

I'm very happy to say he's back with a new site, named after his famous interviews with Excel legends, known as "The Cell Masters". I should mention that Colo is very much a Cell Master himself. In that respect, I would like to award him this.

Please welcome him back. You can find his new site here.


  1. I always liked the name of Colo's site and enjoyed reading about the Cell Masters.

  2. Know how you feel Doug. The Junk Room was heaven for a newbie like me just starting out...

    Never dreamed that we'd become good friends but sometimes fate is very kind. He is an excellent guy.