Friday, 17 April 2015

AET Data Checker v1.1

A while back I promised a new version of my AET Data Checker addin... and I just uploaded it!

What's new?

1. Dropdown lists to select columns. This enables you to use your keyboard arrow keys to scroll across columns without having to type them in like before. The benefit is that you can just "scroll" across columns and watch the values change.

2. You can show percentages, including to the number of decimal places you like.

(This is the first video of my YouTube channel. Please subscribe to watch more!)

Don't forget,

= means spaces

<> means non-spaces (numbers and text)

<>= means everything

Here's the download link.

Coming soon

An even better version of my much-loved AET Find and Replace tool (Thanks Jeff for your suggestions!)

An interesting non-array / non-UDF way to get conditional data. (STDEVIF? No problem!)

And more tools added to AET Excel Utilities (but don't wait for the new version because updates are free!)

See you next time.

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