Monday, 6 March 2017

AET VBE Tools v1.6.4 and Overall Progress

Latest patch - 2 bugs have been fixed, and one change has been made to certain wording.

  • Fixed an indentation bug when the first procedure of a module was at the very top (No Option Explicit and no Declarations).

  • Also fixed a bug with Macro Comment Tools when more than one tool was used with the form still open.

    And I changed the wording of some messages to simplify translations for international versions!

    2 translations are being prepared - Portuguese and Japanese - and I want your help to translate into other languages!

    Please contact me the email address below.

    Other Progress
    It's been a super busy week getting the tools ready for translations, but there's more good news!

    I've started work on a version that works with Microsoft Word and plan to make a version for other Office products.

    Will keep you updated!

    For now, download AET VBE Tools v1.6.4 here.

    Ticking the G+1 icon at the bottom of my posts fuels my enthusiasm!

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