Thursday, 16 October 2014

DIY Context Menu and DIY Top Menu

Some years ago, I made an addin called DIY Context Menu.

It allows you to run your VBA code, by saving it within the addin, directly from right click menus of your choice. Apart from the addin name itself, module names and subroutine (Sub) names define the second and third levels of the menu.

For me it has proved very useful. You can save the addin in the cloud or on an intranet, so that you can run the same code from any PC that has access. And as far as I know, it should also run on almost any version of Excel (97 - 2013?).

There are times though when a right click menu is inconvenient to run code from depending on what you have selected or not selected. With that in mind, I recently made a top menu version. (Yes, that's what I mentioned in my last post)

Here it is in Excel 2010.

And in Excel 2003.

Note that it also appears in the "Chart" top menu.

You can download them here.

DIY Context Menu

DIY Top Menu

Note: I've noticed an error that occurs in Excel 2013. I'll announce a fix on my blog when (if) I find a solution.

Coming up, and not in this order, an improved version of my AET Data Checker, something to help visibility, an alternative way of looking at time. And more. Same Bat Channel etc.

Note: I've also decided to resuscitate my Japanese blog. It will make life interesting but I'll try to keep up a regular blogging schedule :-)

See you next time.

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