Thursday, 9 October 2014

AET Chart Tools Revisited (Delink Charts From Ranges)

Looks like my Excel addiction has flared up again! It's a little hard to break considering I work with it all day.

I often work with charts these days and when I save reports in sheets as separate workbooks, I like to keep things nice and tidy. More on that in a future post.

When it comes to charts, rather than have them link to data in a range, I think for presentation purposes, it's better not to have them linked to data outside of the print area. I could hide the values behind the chart itself, but why not just put all the data in the chart instead?

Here we have a chart that shows average rainfall of some non-existent place I made up. As you can see, the source data is in Columns A and B.

To delink the data, use my newly updated annd fully operational AET Chart Tools addin. (Link to original post here)

Now the Series Name has been hard coded.

The Series values have too.

And so have the Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels (that's a mouthful - I'm so tired I'll skip the picture)

You can download my new old AET Chart Tools here. (and if you look carefully, you can see my next addin in one of the above pictures)

See you next time.

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