Saturday, 8 August 2015

AET Data Checker - New Features

I've added some new stuff to my AET Data Checker addin.

First, I added some labels so you can see what the Main Column and Look At Column are referring to (not just the Column letter)

The assumption is you will have your data set up with column headers in the first row.

Next up, you can now select the Main Criteria from a combo box (dropdown list). Or you can still type it in like before. Plus you can use wildcards like * and ?.

With all combo boxes, you can use the up and down arrow keys to rapidly change columns and criteria.

You'll also notice some new checkboxes.

What do they do? This!

When used, the highlighted labels make it easy to see what values matter. Use the square button at the top to turn all highlighting off or the checkboxes to toggle it individually.

Download the new version here.

See some examples of it's use here.

See you next time.


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