Saturday, 18 February 2017

AET VBE Tools v1.6.1

Yes, it's still freeware. Think of it as a patch.

I'm still committed to updating this version by fixing any bugs that I find, or tweaking this and that with improvements. It won't have as many features as upcoming versions, but I don't intend to abandon it either.

So, what's new?

  • An indenting bug was fixed for Select Case constructs when working with Projects and Modules.

  • I also improved the indenting of Add Line Numbers code.

  • When adding the date and time to text files being exported, the code has been adjusted to show the correct time.

  • I made a change to the Copy Code and Compare Code userforms. Sometimes duplicate file names were showing.

  • I edited Highlight Code In Excel so that individual Case statements are also highlighted with Select Case constructs.

  • Note: It is a big help to see them highlighted this way. Unfortunately I had to hard code that part, so it will only work if your tab settings are set to 4. (In the VBE, Tools, Options, Editor, Tab Width). If I find a way to determine this programatically, I will adjust the code to suit.

  • As a small bonus, I also added the functionality to delete Debug.Assert and Stop to the Cleanup Project code.

  • Download it here.


    1. Hi Andrew,
      The option to cleanup 'Stop" and 'Debug.Assert' instances is a great addition.

      1. Hi Kellens,

        Great to hear you like it. I really appreciate your support.

        More stuff is on the way!

    2. Hello Andrew,
      Your tool has been presented to me and some friends in the workplace by Kellsens (from the comment above), and I must say thank you.
      I haven't tested all of the functionalities, but what I've seen so far is very helpful!

      1. Thanks Álvaro! It's good to hear such positive feedback!